Stop Using Facebook

A curated list of reasons to stop using Facebook (Meta) owned platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Slave Trade & Human Trafficking

Because Facebook tolerated and profited from slave trade and human trafficking.


Because Facebook facilitated Brexit by spreading misinformation, made a fortune and tried to sue to prevent people from finding out.

Ethnic Violence

Because Facebook fanned ethnic violence and destabilized democracies for profit, most recently in Myanmar and Ethiopia.


Because Facebook is lobbying against privacy laws, globally.


Because Facebook was covertly paying teens 13 years old and older to spy on them.

Private Messaging

Because Facebook gave exclusive access to your private messages and friends to large tech companies, device vendors, retailers, entertainment sites, automakers and media organizations.

Climate Change Deniers

Because Facebook hired climate change deniers as fact-checkers.

Email Passwords

Because Facebook stole 1.5 million people’s email contacts after asking them for their email passwords.

Phone Advertising

Because Facebook took the phone number you gave them for "security" reasons and then used it for advertising.

Keeps Videos

Because Facebook keeps all videos you upload, even when you "delete" them.

Emotion Manipulation

Because Facebook is experimenting manipulating your emotions by showing you specific content.

Facebook AI

Because Facebook employees are reading your private messages one by one to train Facebook’s artificial intelligence.

Product Fusion

Because Facebook plan to fuse Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp is not about your privacy. It’s about consolidating all the data they have on you.

Instagram Passwords

Because Facebook updated an old press release with information that millions of passwords of instagram accounts had been compromised while the Mueller report was being released in order to avoid criticism and scrutiny.

Patriot Author

Because Facebook hired the author of the PATRIOT act, the most significant threats to civil liberties privacy and democratic traditions in US history as general counsel.

F*ck Ethics

Because Facebook employees say "F*ck ethics - money is everything".

Conspiracy Theories

Because Facebook not only knows conspiracy theories are being spread on the platform they make a fortune out of it.

Targeted Ads

Because Facebook doesn’t want you to know the reason you see certain ads, just pretends it does.

Tax Avoidance

Because, like most major US technology companies, Facebook avoids paying taxes with company constructs in Ireland.

Expropriate Facebook!

Internal documents show the company routinely placing public-relations, profit, and regulatory concerns over user welfare. And if you think it’s bad here, look beyond the U.S. - The Atlantic

Social Media Alternatives


A decentralised secure gossip platform.


With millions of users, Mastodon is the most popular alternative social network.


A Facebook-style social network with no central ownership.


Facebook alternative based on the principles of decentralisation, freedom and privacy.


Ad-free photo sharing app with chronological timeline.

Messaging Alternatives


experimental peer-to-peer community chat platform.


Open-source text, voice and video messaging app developed by a non-profit organization. Sustained entirely by grants and donations.


Open-source text, voice and video messaging.


Open-source, secure video chat.


Open-source, distributed chat protocol (think email).

Linguistic alternatives

Think bacefook instead of facebook


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