hal/nicknames it he she+ 15 (6.28) & nd+mentally ill & nd & inxp 4w5 melancholic & digital angel from another world

media hyperfix. deltarune 2001:aso & hollow knight & otgw & the owl house music radiohead & tally hall+miracle musical & nero’s day at disneyland & kimya dawson & mitski & glass animals

kin the mind electric by miracle musical & pal (tmvtm) & marvin (hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) & unlisted. no doubles unless i follow first

the scrunklys sweet cap'n cakes, especially k_k (deltarune) & emperor belos (the owl house) & the beast (over the garden wall) & quirrel (hollow knight) & krobus (stardew valley)

byf i am generally unpleasant to be around & i have memory issues & i am frequently nsfw as a joke & some of my comfort characters are bad people

dni basic criteria & exclus/label police of any kind & proship/neutral or tolerate them & kink/gore/ed acc & participate in discourse & anti self dx & ship real people & atf if you’re cis or allistic

extra i post art on instagram and have recently started posting it on tumblr as well

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