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Food photography

I am glad to welcome you on my website. As a food photographer (also non-food, still life and products) I offer you professional and high quality photography in Kyiv and all over Ukraine. I take photos for almost all possible areas, such as B2B, restaurants, hotels, bars, cocktail bars, burger bars, pubs, cafes, street food, pizzeria, catering, cookbooks, recipe books, publishing houses, menus, drink menus, bar menus, websites, food blogs, packaging / packaging design magazines. In addition, I create visual materials for social networks. Food photography is my passion, and I work not only for companies in the capital region, such as Kyiv, Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel, Vyshneve, but also all over Ukraine.

My working principle

I work not only at the regional level in Kyiv, but also all over Ukraine, for example, for agencies, publishing houses, as well as for direct clients. My photo projects show not only the food as a whole, but also deliberately emphasize important details and perfectly match your product to the scene. I use exceptionally bright lenses, deliberately take unusual angles and selectively frame images. I emphasize our special image language by adjusting light reflexes with precise accuracy. Post-production provides a flawless and color accurate image of your products and turns them into a visual delight. Post-production is carried out in-house. When it comes to online presentation, I am an expert and guarantee that with professional compositions you will perfectly address your target group and evoke positive emotions.

Your partner for advertising photography

Whether it is a pure product image or an advertising photo with an emotional focus: I photograph and shoot food in your establishment or in the studio. With extensive experience and excellent preparation for shooting, I guarantee results so tempting that the viewer of the photos will want to enjoy the presented food immediately. At the same time, I focus on the careful handling of food and the speed of their implementation. The use of really fresh products, skillful styling and many tricks put your food in the best light.

Why I am exactly the partner you need for food photography

My knowledge and skills: Food photography is a particularly challenging area of photography that requires a lot of knowledge and experience. I have both of them. Ingenuity: I am not only technically competent, but also have a lot of ideas and am very creative in creating a new visual language. Passion: I am passionate about what I do, I value fun and I embody it in my photography. Want to know more and get to know me better? I will be happy to answer your questions.