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Announcement: ChopeMC will be shutting down

Thank you for your constant support for ChopeMC. Usually, the announcements we make are joyful ones, however this one will unfortunately not the case.

Today, 1st December 2022, ChopeMC will be ceasing operations. We apologise that this may be sudden and unexpected.

ChopeMC has a history spanning back to 2019 where it began as a small community server. As compared to then, the community has grown larger and stronger with a loyal player base.

After thorough consideration, we have concluded that ChopeMC is not as sustainable and maintainable as we hoped. As such, ChopeMC will be concluding all services and powering off all servers today.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone especially players who have donated, for supporting our work. We will miss the times we played together.

If you have outstanding billing disputes, please reach out to me via DMs.

Sidenote: For those who wish to stay in touch and support any future projects from myself or you just want to hang out, please feel free to hop onto my personal Discord server at .

Tanukiji, Haruyuki
Chief Oversight Officer for ChopeMC