Rien / Noa!!

byf i tweet a lot, i kin for fun so idc about doubles but if you do i suggest not following me (shiraishi an, honami mochizuki, shi qingxuan, monkey d. luffy, vivi nefertari) i tweet a lot in filipino i apologize in advance, i never talk about anyone i follow here badly so everything i say is nbh!, i rt a lot of shit if youre not interested feel free to mute my retweets tho if you ever feel like muting me specifically pls just do us a favor and sb me, i switch between interests a lot, i make kys/kms jokes sometimes, i fake fight and banter with my friends, i will talk abt irl things every once im a while, feel free to dm me anytime tho dont take it to heart if i dont reply right away, i self diagnose as adhd

dni usual dni things, -14, you ship lawlu or zorobin romantically, you frequently get into discourse, you believe pronouns are equal to gender, you believe that fiction does not affect reality, proshipper, mcyttwt, just a freak in general

pls tag (use rien donÂ’t look or the word itself) lawlu, zorobin, skz/stayc hate, body image, prsk character hate, suicide

main interests one piece, project sekai, genshin, kpop, novels and movies, others on listography

AHDHEJWISOWJWNMKK???? zolu (monkey d. luffy + roronoa zoro), akitouya and anhane (vivid bad squad), poly wonderlands x showtime, kokosara ayasara yaesara (sara centric ships..), yoimiya, hutao, royai (roy mustang + riza hawkeye), orufrey (qifrey + orugio), yotasuke takahashi (feel free to tag me in fanart!!!!) follow/req to find out more!

kpop skz chanbin minho jisung stayc sumin yeeun isa/seeun purki chaein goeun txt soobin yeonjun enha sunoo jay loona jinsoul olivia hye yeojin aespa winter ningning itzy ryujin chaeryeong

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