Helpless when facing synthesia-adepts students.

Hei ! As a piano teacher, I recently met new students that come to me for « help », as they are facing major technical difficulties they don’t understand. Most of them are learning with synthesia (and the more time passes, the more I hate it) or sometimes learn by any kind of mimicking (with the eye or the ear, if I might say).

But they (indirectly, passive/aggressively) actively refuse my teaching, since it would mean going back to the basics, learning (just enough) theory to understand what they are doing and play easier/less impressive pieces. WHAT TO DO ?

They are very stubborn, don’t know how to read and sometimes even don’t know the keys. They play insanely fast, don’t have any technique and heavily rely on someone else to play for them so they can imitate. Some refuse to play the exercices I advise them, eventhough I patiently go through the said exercices and carefully/patiently explain the purpose of them. So in the end, they refuse to develop their finger skills, refuse to read, or read a bit and then instantly learn the sheet by heart and don’t bother reading anymore, while atrociously deforming the written music. I’m desperate.