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Is it worth the additional cost to buy a high quality Berg trampoline like the Berg Ultim Elite, or are the money actually better spend on a lower quality model plus an Airtrack? That is a question I often get when training the youngsters at my gymnastic class. And it's actually a pretty hard question to answer. Simply because I myself, would prefer to have an Airtrack and a trampolin instead of having to pick one. Both are really awesome gymnastic equipment and can help you improve your skills much faster. If I had to go with just one I would most likely pick the trampoline, as it's a bit easier to learn a new jump on it compared to the Airtrack. And should I buy a trampoline - I would go with a Berg trampoline any time.

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Selecting the best trampoline isn't really a hard choice. It's pretty easy - just buy a Berg and get it over with. None of the other brands come even close to their performance and quality when buying a garden trampoline.

Buy a trampoline with legs or an Ingroup model? What would the best choice here be? Get a traditional one with legs that you can easily move around as you please, or dig a hole and use an inground trampoline instead? The inground ones are often a bit more expensive, they also require quite some work to dig down in your garden (a lot more work than most expect) and you won't easily be able to move it to another location after you are done. On the other hand, having an inground trampoline looks so much better. You can place it many places in your garden or backyard without it looks bulky or messy. So most of the time I would actually recommend an inground trampoline over a traditional one. See more about that here at -

Where to by quality trampolines? If you have decided that you would also want to become more healthy, train your legs and bag or improve your gymnastic skills then the next question will be - where to buy a good Berg trampoline? Should you buy it from a local shop (they can be pretty hard to find most places) or order from an official Berg online reseller? Prices are pretty much identical when it comes to Berg products, so I would go as far as saying if you can transport it yourself, and the real store isn't to far from you - buy it locally and support the local comminity. They are having a hard enough time these days competing against the many online webshops you find out there. If you live far from a local Berg shop, you might as well find an online webshop and buy it there. Just keep in mind that Berg prices doesn't change much from to shop, so if you find one that is much cheaper than other models, I would check out the online shop pretty well before buying there, as there is a big chance it's a fake shop. For instance if all Berg Ultim Elite models cost $1950-2050 and you then find it to $1600 then my alarm clocks would certainly go off. If I buy something this expensive from an online webshop, they I would check their reviews anyway before buying from it.

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Is trampoline jumping fun and a good workout? I would certainly say so, as you use a great deal of your body when doing the various jumps on it. Also it's much more gentle on your body compared to many other sports such as running or football. And it's great fun nonetheless. I have been doing gymnastics and trampoline training for about 6 years now and I still enjoy it quite a lot. For me it's a much better workout than running, fitness or just a trip to the gym. It's something you do by yourself or with your friends and both are equally fun if you ask me.

But like I mentions, and I really can't stress this enough. Do not buy one of those cheap models you can get at the local Wallmart or similar places. Get a proper trampoline if you want something you are not just going to enjoy for a month or two. There really is such a huge difference once you get a little bit into to. This is also why it's so hard to notice, since many do try a cheap trampolin and a more expensive one and can't really feel the difference when they do a few jumps up and down. But once you start doing backflips, saltos, twists and such then there really is a great deal of difference and this is the main reason, many who buy a cheap model only use it for a limited time before getting tired of it.