BTC Trading Cards

by Steven Michaels

BTC Trading Cards are collectible trading cards that feature my original bitcoin art. Each is a limited edition, numbered, signed and laminated print. They make a great gift and are an excellent way to introduce someone to bitcoin.

Finney Front Finney Back

Buy or Sell

You can buy and sell from myself or other collectors.

Open Offer To Buy any BTC Trading Card:

I will buy back any BTC Trading Card at full face value minus a 4% restocking fee. You must have clear title (see Title Registry below).

Payment Options: USD or BTC

Available Trading Cards and Prices: Hal Finney - $100; Lonely Trader - $500; Moon Boots - $1,000; Coin Fusion - $5,000; Tulips - $10,000. Each is a limited edition of 100 trading cards.

Title Registry

When you purchase a BTC Trading Card I will record your email address in my internal database as the owner of record. When you buy from a private party follow the instructions below.

How to Buy from a Private Party

When buying from a private party make sure to protect yourself from stolen Trading Cards and counterfeits by verifying ownership here first. Here's how:

Contact me to verify that person selling you the BTC Trading Card is the same as the one listed in my Title Registry. This is done by matching the owner's email address of record. They must communicate with you and me through their email address of record.

To complete the transfer the seller must email me an authorization (from their email address of record) transferring ownership to your email address.

Transfer Fee

Transfer fee is $10 per transfer when transferring to another party. Transfer Fee is waived if buying or selling with me.

Contact Me to place your order