Is buying sporting good and fitness equipment online from a webshop a good thing? For those who do a lot of sport like gymnastics, fitness and bodybuilding you will most likely need a bunch of fitnessequipment and sporting gear, but is it safe to buy from an online webshop and can you get the same service as when you buy at a physical store? And most important, do you actually save money when buying online? It's something we are going to look closer at today.

Is it safe to shop online? A lot of people are afraid of buying their sports equipment like Airtracks, stand up paddleboards or trampolines online because they are worried that they won't get the products they paid for. Here is a few things you could do in order to minimize the chance of being scammed. Check if there are any online reviews of the webshop. You can check places like Google reviews, their Facebook page, trustpilot, yelp or other review sites. Check if they got activity on social medie, if not it should raise a red flag. Check if the checkout page is secure (don't buy if it says not secure at the top of your browser, next to the URL). Check the quality of the webshop, most scam webshops are using Google translated content, have a poor design, no product reviews or prices that are far below marked price. If you buy a 10$ swimming belt it's nothing you are likely to check up on, but if you are buying a 400$ Airtrack then I would consider doing it.

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Is online service just as good as regular service? A problem with buying online is that you can't just grab the nearest sales person and ask about product details or get help choose the right fitness equipment. But as you most likely know, sometimes it can be just as hard to get a hold of a free sales person in a real shop. Most online webshops have a telefon number you can reach them at and get help, or a mail you can write to if you have questions or need more information. Most of the time this works very well too. It's also another good way to be sure that it's a real shop and not one of the many fake ones. Last week I bought a pair of running shoes from a webshop and got excellent help choosing the right pair over the phone, so it's not really an issue most of the time.

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Can you save money buying from an online shop? When you shop locally the shop you buy at compete with other local shops when it comes to have the best prices. A online webshop often competes with hundred of other webshop in the same industri, so a lot of the time they have to be even more competitive with the prices if they want to attrach customers. This mean that if you are looking for a new Airtrack or other types of sporting gear then you are very likely to save some money buying from a webshop instead of a physical store. Just keep in mind that many webshops adds a shipping fee to the amount you see displayed, so if it's a cheaper product you are buying, then it might not be worth it. Some shops got a minimum amount you need to buy for, in order to get free shipping. I usually buy about 20% of my training equipment here in Aalborg, the rest is stuff I buy online.

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As you can see there are normally no issues with buying training good over the Internet instead of buying from your local sportshop. The main reasons I buy most of the things I need from a webshop is that they have a much larger collection of products. Because I often save about 15-20% buying the stuff online. And finally - because it's gotten so darn hard to find a parking spot in town these days. If you haven't tried online shopping for sportinggear yet, now may be the time to try it? Just follow my advances from earlier to make sure it's a real webshop you buy from and not some fake one (luckly fake ones are a bit harder to find compared to the real ones)

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