About Scoliwings

hello! i'm scoliwings, but you can call me either scoli or solzi. i'm an queer deaf enby who loves drawing cartoony and cute stuff and goes by they/them and ze/zir. welcome to my intro page!

More about me

my queerness: i'm an AFAB nonbinary person and go by they/them pronouns. i identify as trans and queer, too (my romantic/sexuality is "i honestly don't know"). i don't lean towards either side of the binary, gender or expression wise, and i prefer gender neutral terms only. i'm fine with being called neutral "dude" or "guy", but if you're referring to people in general, "y'all" works much better. i'm okay with being asked questions about my journey, but not in deep detail; questions about whatever's in my pants are rude.

my disability: i am deaf, and i also identify myself as a part of the Deaf community. i sign American Sign Language (ASL) and know written English and some Spanish, in terms of language. it is 100% OK to ask me questions about what being deaf is like, though i request you to keep in mind that not every deaf person is exactly the same.

my race/religion: i'm white, and i don't believe in any god/desses or deities in particular. i'd define that as being close to atheist, beliefwise; but there doesn't seem to be any good vibes coming from that community, so i don't identify as that. all religions and deities are valid and deserve to be respected yo

Rules of interaction

what i'm okay with

what i'm not okay with

Social media

i have an unique username, @scoliwings, that i go by nearly everywhere. but as a general rule of thumb, if you find a scoli that isn't on this list, assume that they aren't me, and directly ask me about whether or not the account is legit.

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