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Yisu Remy Wang 王奕粟

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I am now a Certified Inhabitant of the Universe!

I am proud to be certified by to be an Inhabitant of the Universe! Get your certification by supporting them spreading science.

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What is Mathematics

Mathematics, just like any other science, is a cultural activity. Any cultural activity is natural.

What I told my future labmates (in summer of 2017)

I'm Remy and I will join [UW] PLSE this fall. I'm generally interested in programming languages, especially the formal side of it. This summer I'm verifying differential private algorithms with a proof assistant named EasyCrypt. I will be in Aarhus Denmark - come say hi if you are near! Besides PL, I also enjoy reading and thinking about physics, maths, and philosophy & history of science. 

Last month I graduated from Tufts, where I worked on dynamic strictness analysis / optimization for Haskell. And before Tufts I grew up in Beijing

I love to spend time outside - biking, running, hiking and climbing. When I'm indoors, I listen to rock and folk music from around the world, and try to teach myself jazz guitar. I've also made it half way making a mountain dulcimer, which is like a half guitar... My favorite writers are Franz Kafka and Raymond Carver. 

My favorite places on the internet

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