Nicola, Milan – Lodovico Pignetti Morana
Late Fame – Arthur Schnitzler
Toolbox Therapy – Anne Laure Coxam
Dark Pool Ripple – Mike Saunders
Correspondences – Nisha Ramayya
Romancer Erector – Diane Williams
The Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon
Alfred and Guinevere – James Schuyler
The Weather – Lisa Robertson
Magenta Soul Whip – Lisa Robertson
Three Summers – Lisa Robertson
Dolphin Aria/Limited Hours: A Love Song – Luke McMullan
2016 – Aurelia Guo
Stranger, Baby – Emily Berry
Through – David Herd
New & Selected Poems – Shuntarō Tanikawa (trans William I. Elliott & Kazuo Kawamura)


Eve’s Hollywood – Eve Babitz
A Primer for Cadavers – Ed Atkins
Squid Squad – Matthew Welton
Soft Or – Blake Wallis
Necessary Stranger – Graham Foust
The Book of Frank – CAConrad
Mother’s Milk – Edward St Aubyn
Talkativeness – Michael Earl Craig
100 Harebells – Laurie Clark
Spring Snow: A Translation – Alison Turnbull


Mysteries – Knut Hamsun
Part of speech: a whistle in the gloom – Sophie Collins
The Measure of Reality – Maija Timonen
not a casual solitude – Stacey Teague
Jutland – Selima Hill
The Last Supper – Rachel Cusk


The Prince – Niccolò Machiavelli (trans Luigi Ricci)
Wound – Richard Scott
For Now – Edward Doegar
Wild Grass – Lu Hsun (trans Feng Yu-sheng)
anonymous postcards to my sixth lover – Sylvia Alexandra
Savage – Rebecca Tamás
to form – anon
Danakil Yellows – Jonanthan Tiplady
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely – Claudia Rankine
Call for the Dead – John le Carré
A Murder of Quality – John le Carré
Haribo Ozymandias #1 – Jonty Tiplady
The Diary of a Nobody – George & Weedon Grossmith
I have to live. – Aisha Sasha John
The Little Book of Plagiarism – Richard A. Posner
Kidnap Notes Next – John Wieners
Night Photograph – Lavinia Greenlaw


Soft Focus – Sarah Jean Grimm
Eidolon – Sandeep Parmar
Ecodeviance: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness – CAConrad
PMP 3: Your Family, Your Body – Malika Booker, Sharon Olds, Warsan Shire
All Nightmare – Josef Kaplan
Meat – Sophie Seita
Purge – Trisha Low
Pedicure – Tom Betteridge


A Manual for Cleaning Women – Lucia Berlin
After Martial – Peter Porter
A Little Book of Meat – Selima Hill
Martial: A Social Guide – Art L. Spisak
Some Trees – John Ashbery
K.S. in Lakeland – Michael Hofmann
Selected Poems – Verlaine (trans Joanna Richardson)
Wabi-Sabi – Leonard Koren
Rivers and Mountains – John Ashbery
Poems – Arthur Rimbaud (trans Paul Schmidt)
John Clare: A Biography – Jonathan Bate
Les Fleurs du Mal – Charles Baudelaire (trans Richard Howard)
The Double Dream of Spring – John Ashbery


Bear – Chrissy Williams
Post- – Wayne Miller
The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx – Tara Bergin
The Leopard – Giuseppe di Lampedusa (trans Archibald Colquhoun)
New Impressions of Africa – Raymond Roussel (trans Mark Ford)


Bluette – Valerie Norris
The Further Adventures of the Lives of the Saints – Patrick Mackie
Shyness and Dignity – Dag Solstad (trans Sverre Lyngstad)
XIVLINERS – Tom Raworth


understudies for air – Daisy Lafarge
This is Not a Novel – David Markson
FREE HBO – Jon Leon
Adjunct: an Undigest – Peter Manson
Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia – Deleuze and Guattari (trans Hurley, Seem, Lane)
Novel 11, Book 18 – Dag Solstad (trans Sverre Lyngstad)
outside the narrative – Tom Leonard
Washington Square – Henry James
Fables of Aesop – (trans A.S. Handford)


Censorship Now!! – Ian Svenonius
Sonnets – Noelle Kocot
Familiars – Emelia Weber
Fourteen Photographs About Poems – Felix Bazalgette
crying for no reason – Kim Kyung Ju (trans Jake Levine)
Frit – Eley Williams
for warmth – anon
The Last Summer – Boris Pasternak
by the same author – Jack Robinson
Click + Collect – Colin Herd
Dubliners – James Joyce (r)
I Told You I Was Sick: A Romance – Elaine Kahn
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in GTA Online – Michael Crowe
Excitability: selected stories – Diane Williams
A Wave – John Ashbery


Small White Monkeys – Sophie Collins
Wilful Disregard – Lena Andersson
Tropic Midtown – Erik Stinson
Nights of Poor Sleep – Rachael Allen and Marie Jacotey
Dispersion – Seth Price (r)
Décor Holes – Seth Price (r)
Subtly Worded – Teffi


T Singer – Dag Solstad (trans Tiina Nunnally)
The Duty of Disobedience – Various authors
Hoover is my Dog – Nick Ainsworth
Kill All Normies – Andrea Nagle
Winter Trees – Sylvia Plath
Alien Hearts – Guy de Maupassant
Night Thoughts – Wallace Shawn
Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp – Pierre Cabanne (trans Ron Padgett)