Navigating the new internet paradigm

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This guide is aimed at poltards who wish to communicate with likeminded people, exchange, debate and share their ideas, that is, escaping censorship, while remaining somewhat anonymous. We will apply some basic cybersecurity guidelines used successfully by the warez community.

Warez is a term refering to various groups dedicated to sharing forbidden content, mostly cracked games and movie CAMs. They operate for or as a non profit depending on which groups and have faced intense repression for 20+ years. They have developped techniques that might be of use

Avoiding kukluxes and edgy symbols

The rune emojis as well as the svasti and black sun are to be avoided, so are titles that pertain to the content. I would also advise, as a non accelerationnist, to keep the edgy memes for us as they prevent any meaningful ideas to reach the normies.

Really, keep the neet stuff, the edgy for no reason content, the violent or cringe stuff to you or awoken people. Try to forget about the porn stuff and other tentations as they just keep us down.

Be based.

Be smart as serpents and innocent as doves. Mat 10:16

Also as someone who aims to have a family, I wouldn't see myself showing that to my kids. It's not productive, period. And it gives THEM "proof" that we are the evil dumb nazis they want to portray us as. Thus if we act so, they win without even having to face our ideas.

Keeping backups

Self explanatory, WIP

Posting pastbins


Sharing images

upload on chans recommended

imgur to be avoided


Don't use Discord, Skype, Telegram, ICQ, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok

Most of them require phone number, many will gladly give your phone number to your contacts, some promise end to end encryption, it's BS, they need the messages for data mining and to undermine our communities. They also are a massive time sink full of perversion. Especially discord.

Anydesk (screen sharing) works but it's basically a RAT that you accept Matrix is funded by the blue, to be avoided Zoom is to be avoided at all costs, they will welcome us to then strike hard should we use their stuff

Forums and chans are cool when they're not dead Mailing lists why not Xmpp is promising and on android, windows, linux or web browser works for chatting and sometimes calling IRC is too old fashioned Mumble is good for voice, especially if self hosted server is awesome for video / audio / screen sharing but it implies that you trust them for privacy, not guaranteed

Stripping metadata

Don't forget to remove as much metadata as possible, there is this lutim webservice (many website offer it), it's an image hosting site and by default the exif metadata is stripped from the image.

Sharing files is a bad idea, they tend to analyze the content of files on their server, take ip adresses and share them to gov agencies. Their offer is cool tho, 50GB and no expiration. for temporary hosting torrents are a good method but VPNs are essential IPFS?

If you share a big folder, it is recommended to put the files inside an encrypted .zip or .7z (use to create it) and post the password on the message on the chan. It is not worth it for big tech to decrypt archives, especially if the name is not explicit.

General privacy

Use tor, better than nothing. Some lesser known VPNs are also legit. Avoid free or paid browser extensions as they are just a proxy and honeypot/20. Posting from a restaurant while wearing a mask is a legit thing to do.

I would advocate the use of a linux distro because windows is becoming more and more interested in the files contained on the computer, for advertising purposes yet but soon might be to target people who have a folder of memes that is deemed inappropriate.

Try to use a different profile for your chan usage, type about:profiles in firefox, there is also a way in chromium / brave / ... to untie the chans to your personal use.

Opera, edge, chrome, safari and others are to be avoided.

Virtual machines are also a solution, but not very convenient.

Try to match the level of safety to the level of risk your are taking. If you're just lurking nothing should happen.

Best combo is a second hand / trash laptop, linux devuan, outside a restaurant, wearing a mask, using free wifi, with fake MAC adress (easy on linux without network-manager) and tor+vpn, or at least vpn.