Imagine you just got your brand new sporting webshop selling various kinds of fitness equipment and sportinggoods like Airtracks, trampolines and paddleboards. What would you do to increase sales and start making money with your new webshop? This is an issue that a lot of webshop owners has these days. A lot of webshops these days are made in WordPress and WooCommerce. Many got some idea that if only hey build a great website with a good look webdesign and good ux then the sales will come by themself. They couldn't be more wrong. Way to many startups spend most of the money on the webshop or website leaving almost nothing left for marketing. We briefly discussed this in our old article here at

But what can you do and what types of online marketing makes the most sense for your business? Let's look closer at this topic today.

SEO - Search engine optimization One of the best way to get more traffic to your webshop is by doing some SEO. When people search for the keywords that are relevant for your website. SEO often involves optimizing your website for certain keywords and sending various signals to Google to tell it that your website is important for those keywords. Read more about SEO and search engine optimization here -

Google Ads Another popular type of traffic to your webshop is through Google Ads. Here you simple setup a few days or let Google handle most of the work. Then you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad. It's a quick way to get some more traffic to the website but sometimes it can get a little expensive. Most webshops these days using some type of Google Ads, often Google shopping. Read more about that here at -

SoMe marketing SoMe is a broad term for all social media like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. These days SoMe have gained millions of new users and are a very popular platform to reach your potential customers through. You can add your own content and promote it, used paid ads. For some SoMe marketing is huge, for others it's a waste of time. Read more about this here at -

E-mail marketing Another popular type of marketing is E-mail amrketing, which done correctly can be really effective. Just be sure to get the permissions to send a person an email first, otherwise it's considered spam and it's not something you want to do. Last week I send out a large email campaign aimed at sport and fitness, and the same day it gave about 15 sales. So it can be an effective tool if done right. Read more at -

That was a bit about various types of popular online marketing. They are many other types like affiliate marketing, pay per view and others, but that will be something for a later article. Bottom line is - if you got a webshop you really should spend some of your money on marketing and not spend all on the webdesign. Some of it you can do yourself, but in most cases you are better of hiring a professional company for the job until you gain a bit more knowledge yourself.