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Greetings all. First an introduction: I am a games programmer with a number of years of C/C++, C# experience (as well as a few other similar languages for some projects) but I've always been intrigued by lisp. I've tried tinkering with it for quite a while, but other than some relatively trivial emacs customisation, I've not done much with it in anger.

The project I'm just working on at work is now ramping down, I've got 'personal development days' approved at work, where we can work on any project we like. I have decided that I want to take this opportunity to learn lisp, and try my hand at some lisp gamedev (or, working towards that slowly). So, today I shall begin down this long path. In reality, I've been researching my options, and seeing what other people have been doing for quite a while before this. I've started working through /u/Baggers_' Youtube series, but there are so many, that it will take me a while to watch them all.

So, what am I looking at doing? Well, the long term goal would be . Sort of. As many of you probably are aware of the features of Naughty Dog's GOAL, I won't go into it now. But I'll give a quick bullet point list of my requirements

So, what have I found so far? I've tinkered with a few different dialects and environments. After trying everything I could get my hands on, I have settled on for now. It may be the wrong choice, but the reasons are as follows: It is small and well documented so I can easily hack any implementation apart. There is , which targets LLVM IR, which should give me support for PS4 and Switch.

Another thing I considered was Common Lisp, with , but I was concerned by the amount of things I'd have to coax into working on various platforms. I also looked into running , but it's very much tied to being built and run on Linux. I looked into various schemes, but I couldn't find any way to make a plan for any of them in my head, and struggled to get the ones I tried compiling for consoles.

So today, I shall begin to try to work on learning lisp more fully, and making a game framework in mal. As I said, it may be the wrong choice. But this is for me to learn, and I'm looking forward to the struggle and problem solving!

If, however, you have a better idea, advice, reference material etc, then please please PLEASE let me know. I don't mind making mistakes, but I would prefer to not make them constantly!