Need a new webshop? Here are 5 points you should consider if you are planning to start a webshop or e-commerce project. Anyone can start a webshop for very little amount of money. But if you don't do it right, you are very likely to not have much success with this.

This guide here will give you 15 specific tips you can use when you want to start a webshop.

Now a day, almost anyone can start a new webshop and hope to succeed. In many cases, the project is launched before it has been thought through and worked through, something we see way to often. Thus, there is no success and a large part has to close again. They might have an idea about what they want to sell, but have not thought about markting stuff like SoMe, SEO, Google Ads and such. They just want a webshop to sell from.

This guide is for you who are considering starting a new webshop and want to know what to consider before you start out.

Hopefully this article can inspire you to research some more and improve your skills further and thereby increasing your chance of success.

Remember that the article is based on my experience and opinions.

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  1. Selecting the right webshop system Choosing the best webshop system to sell from is a huge step. And not an easy one. There are so many different systems to choose from like WooCommerce/WordPress, Shopware, Shopify, Mangeto and many others. So do some research and see which system is best for your needs and your budget.

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  1. What should I sell though? The tendency is that the webshop market develops in a direction where it is the large webshops that win.

Large webshops can buy in large quantities, and thus offer prices that the small ones cannot compete with.

If you are at home with a one-man company and think that you can create a successful business within the large areas, such as. clothes or electronics, you will find it extremely difficult.

The opportunities are more in the niche areas where the big stores have not yet taken over the market.

When you are considering which products you want to sell, it is a good idea to think about:

Is the product easy to ship / ship? How high is the coverage ratio? Will there be many complaints? Is the product easy to handle in terms of stock? Is it a product that is easy to get more of? Can you offer customers a price that is attractive? Especially if other webshops sell the same product.

2: Do I need to make a business plan? It can be a really good idea to make a good business plan. In the long run, it can help you save both time and money and will be crucial if you e.g. must take out a loan for the project.

It can also be used as a tool to see if your idea is actually realistic and if you have any chance of getting success. Trying to sell the same as 100 others who have around for several years will be hard. Both because they are already known brands, but also because it will be nearly impossible to get much SEO traffic if you are going for the same keywords.

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  1. Where to get my products? Before you start too much, it is important that you find suppliers for your webshop. Some go with a drop shipping model where they earn 5-10% of a sale, but for most this isn't going to bring you much money.

You should make some considerations, such as:

Are there Danish suppliers or from Aalborg? Are you importing from another EU country? Do you need to import from outside the EU? (What requirements are there?) What requirements does the supplier have? Is there e.g. a minimum order amount? What prices can they offer? And are there any discounts? Does the supplier offer dropshipping? What's the delivery time? It is really important that you can get the products at a price where you can also make money when you resell them.

Do you have e.g. competitors who can buy very large quantities, then they most likely have better agreements with the supplier, which allows them to sell the products at a lower price than you will ever get. And then it will be really hard to sell anything with pricecompare services such as Pricerunner og Google Shopping.

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  1. 5: Domain name If you mainly selling your products in Denmark, most people choose to use a .dk domain (and in some cases a .com). If there is just a small chance that the business will develop internationally, then it will be a good idea to register the .com domain, if it is available, if not maybe consider the .net or .eu, but they aren't as good as a .com or .dk domain.

It's often a good idea not to choose a domain name with a hyphen or a domain with special danish characters like æøå.

If you only want to sell computers, then computers . dk would be the optimal choice, but most of the good domains are taken, so it can be difficult to get the perfect domain. Finding the right domain is always a hard choice unless you have named your business something very unique.

  1. Hosting Finding the right host is also important. Especially now that load speeds and Core Web Vitals are part of the SEO algorithm. You can buy a 30kr host or a 3000 kroner host, but most likely none of those options would the best choice for you. Get a good host, but don't spend to much on it before you know if you really need it. A quality 200 kroners webhost solution is often more than enough for most startups.

I recently started a sports webshop selling fitness equipment and Airtracks, based on the Woocommerce/Wordpress system. It worked quite well, you can read more about that project here at -