Da rules of #monero-pools

  1. Botnets are bad. Don't talk about them.
  2. Racism is bad. Don't be racist.
  3. Homophobia is bad. Don't be homophobic.
  4. Off-topic discussion belongs in ##not-monero-pools.
  5. Don't get the channel deleted, pls follow freenode policies.
  6. No spamming. Use a pastebin for multi-line pastes.
  7. This is #monero-pools. Shitcoins are off-topic.

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Polite Notice

The stories and information posted in this channel are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

This is a channel for all fools!


Why did I get banned from the pool?

If you submit many invalid shares to a pool (i.e. your miner is misconfigured), you may get a short temporary ban from the pool. Fix your miner and wait a few minutes.

If you have many concurrent connections to a pool (>50) the pool operator may suspect that you are running a botnet and ban you. If you run many miners, you should run xmr-node-proxy, or xmrig-proxy, or consider running your own pool.

Why is my miner submitting invalid shares?

Ensure that your miner is up to date, and that the proof-of-work algorithm is set to RandomX.

Is mining worth it?

No, mining is for suckers. It depends on the efficiency of your miners, your power costs, and the initial investment for your mining hardware.