Magna Carta



What are the board rules?


I don't like X/I think Y should be banned/I think Z should be deleted

The King and his Aristocracy (LARPing terms for 'board owner' and 'volunteers') have a court that is a sticky. Please visit that. In fact, you should have seen that thread if you're reading this...


Do you guys actually support Monarchy?/What Kind of Monarchists are there?/You can't have Anarcho-Monarchism, that's ridiculous.

For these questions and more, please see the more specific 'about' page.


What is this Aristocrat/Peasant/Commoner thing?

It's an in-joke and a way to weed out newfags and forum shillers. By putting "Aristocrat" as your name, not only do you show that you're not some kind of newfag, but you also show that you've actually taken the time to read the FAQ. Shitting on "Peasant" or "Commoner" posters is encouraged.


Which succession law holds in /monarchy/?

These are self-imposed for the admin, so we'll see if they stick at all, but generally:


What's the History of this board?

This board started on 8chan, it's our exile colony. AFAIK, there have been three Kings of monarchy so far. The first one created and then abandoned it a long time ago. The second King did a lot of thread advertisements in /pol/ and /christian/ , thought about making some volunteers, made a few banners and shitposts, then disappeared as everyone complained about not having flags. The third King is the one writing this thing in a fit of self-aggrandizement. All I did was get some of these goddam flags to work, and tried to standardize the previous King's outreach approach by trying out the embassy and court thing, and then migrated to Endchan for a while when 8chan went down. This board has been around in one place or another for at least three years now, if I'm recalling it correctly.


What are the next plans for this board?

Suggest your thoughts in the Court. I'm just planning on doing the minimal amount to keep this circus running.

Thank you for your attention.