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There are two ways to manually convert MBOX files to PST format. Let's examine each one in turn:

Method 1: Free MBOX to PST Conversion Converting MBOX emails to Outlook PST file type just requires three steps:

Keep MBOX emails in EML format. Drag and drop moved EML files into Outlook on a computer MBOX Email Messages Export to PST File Let's go over each step one at a time:

Save MBOX emails into EML files in step one.

Launch the email client program Thunderbird. Click "New Folder" using the right mouse button on any folder. In this case, I'm choosing the "Inbox" folder.

Launch the email client Thunderbird

To create a "New Folder" under "Inbox," enter any name. Examples include email messages. Select "Create Folder" from the menu.

Create New Folder

All of the emails you wish to transfer to the "Emails Messages" folder should be selected (Newly created Folder).

MBOX Email to PST Conversion

All of the chosen emails will then be transferred to the "Emails Messages" folder. See in below screenshot.

Folder for email messages

After choosing all of the emails, click right to save them.

Moved MBOX Email to Folder

The Desktop Folder will store all EML files.

encrypt as EML files Drag and drop the moved EML files into Microsoft Outlook in step two.

Check out the EML files you stored in the folder. Drag and drop all selected messages into the Microsoft Outlook folder. In Outlook, all EML files are visible. EML MBOX Files Step 3: PST File Export for MBOX Emails

To export emails from Outlook, go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.

Wizard for Import/Export

Click "Next" after choosing "Export to a file".

Export Outlook emails

Click "Next" after selecting "Outlook data file (.pst).

Choose PST.

Click "Next" after doing a search in the folder where you stored the "EML" file.

Lookup EML Folder

Select a new location for the Outlook PST file, then click "Finish."

MBOX emails into PST conversion

Following the procedures above, we have finally converted MBOX into PST format.

Method 2: Free Manual MBOX to PST Conversion The following programs are required:

iCloud Mail Eudora Office Express Office Outlook Review the following set of guidelines for converting MBOX to PST, which requires using the aforementioned pre-installed programs:

  1. Within Apple Mail

Enter File and then Import Mailboxes.

Foreign mailboxes

Select the option for Files in MBOX format and then press Continue.

MBOX export to PST

Move your cursor to the source MBOX file location, select it, and then click Choose >> Continue to continue. To begin the generation of mailbox data, read the instructions on the current screen before clicking the Done button.

Done 2. At Eudora

The following steps should be followed after successfully importing emails from the MBOX file into Apple Mail:

It is necessary to attach the MBOX file (which was imported in Apple mail) in Eudora by renaming it as follows: InboxMBOX InboxMBOX.mbx In the directory where Eudora saves its files, look for this file. The directory is C: Documents and SettingsuserApplication DataQualcommEudora by default. On your computer, launch Eudora and then click the InboxMBOX.mbx file to confirm the establishment of the mailbox. Close the Eudora program to continue working in Outlook Express 3. Within Outlook Express

Select the menu item File >> Import >> Messages. Select Eudora from the list now shown and then click Next to continue. In the Eudora program, go to the place where you moved the InboxMBOX.mbx file, then click OK to proceed. To import Eudora emails into Outlook Express and subsequently Outlook, click Next >> Next >> Finish. 4. Microsoft Outlook

To open the import/export wizard in Microsoft Outlook, go to File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export and then select Import and Export. Select the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option from the list, then click Next.

Addresses and Internet mail import

Click the Next button after selecting Outlook Express 4. x, 5. x, etc.

Decide on Outlook Express

Your emails from your MBOX file will then be transferred to Outlook. Export all emails now into PST like we did in Method 1 above. Limitations of Manual Method Platform Dependent Approach: MBOX to PST free conversion needs one or the other email program for its operation or implementation. As a result, using such a technique in the absence of an email program is impossible.

Significant Chances of Data Loss When Moving Emails Between Applications: Moving emails between applications has a high risk of data loss. Changes to email program settings come with a few hazards as well, and they may slow down the functioning of the application.

Not a Direct Approach of MBOX to PST Converter : This manual approach includes one-by-one use of four software i.e., Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and MS Outlook. In the absence of any of these applications, the MBOX to Outlook conversion method is ineffective.