Lookup Ninja is back!

After several months of downtime, Lookup Ninja is back, as a DNS-only service.

Lookup Ninja has been down since late 2021.

I wanted to get the service back up, but knew that WHOIS lookups had to be removed as a result of blacklisting, which made the service previously untenable. Thus, Lookup Ninja is back as DNS-lookup tool only.

I recommend the command-line WHOIS program for Linux/MacOS/UNIX users. Windows 11 users can use the virtual Linux subsystem to also use the program. Alternatively, ICANN offers WHOIS lookups online, but you must complete a captcha.

I'm looking to hear feedback, please fill in this form if you have a moment: Microsoft Form.


Jacob Sammon,

Developer of Lookup Ninja

If you have any further comments, please get in touch at jacob@sammon.uk.

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