On Having a Passion for Coding

I always laugh when I see people talk about being passionate about coding. Part of it is contempt, both for the people saying this and for the people whose egos they feel the need to stroke in order to stay employed.

I'm not passionate about coding. I feel empowered to admit this because I'm a forty-year-old man and nobody's going to want to hire me regardless of how assiduous I am in kissing their asses.

So, what am I passionate about? Well, I live and work in the United States of America, so...

I refuse to be passionate about coding. In the tech industry, passion means being willing to work under conditions little better than those of a sweatshop.

For me, coding is just a means to an end. Corporations use me to deliver ROI. In turn, I use corporations to make a living. If I could make as much money cleaning toilets as I do coding, I'd still do that instead. Either way I'm dealing with other people's shit. Either way I'm cleaning up after people who look down on me for doing work they aren't willing or able to do themselves.

I am so looking forward to the Butlerian Jihad. It's long overdue and you know it. Hell, if they put me up against the wall alongside my employers, then I'll accept my blindfold and cigarette with a smile. My bosses' talk of "shared sacrifice" might finally mean something as they die with me in a hail of revolutionary gunfire, and at least I'll never have to write another line of code again.

If this offends you, go to Hell and take it up with the Devil. He might even care.

--Love, Simon >;)