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Something to think about Google+ real name policy + forcing the integration to Google platform users.

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Larry Page

Probably plays Ingress, otherwise dull profile.

Sergey Brin (Google)

Matt Cutts (Google)

Interesting and active profile, likes Nova Launcher, dislikes Flappy Bird, wonder why he's Android Battery is draining so fast, +1'd GSam Battery Monitor, tried training his poker skills with Poker Hands Trainer and disliked it, gave it 2 stars.

Bradley Horowitz (The Vice President of Product management for Google+)

Bought BatteryBot Pro, likes Tesla Car app like many others, probably plays Subway Surfers – gave 5 star rating.

Punit Soni (Ex Motorola senior product management exec)

Just decided to give 5 stars to all Motorola apps.

Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks)

Rated SnapChat with 1 star, fucking hates Facebook Messenger that is being forced on people – also 1 star. Bough djay 2 but dislike it – 2 stars. Tests a lot of messaging apps and is not afraid to give them ratings.

Matt Steiner (Google)

Solid 1 star to Feedly, no other activity

Michael Dell

Likes evernote, quickoffice and some kind of qr code scanner.

Arianna Huffington

Likes meditaion apps

Jeff Huber (Google)

Also likes NovaLauncher, probably tried to study Sign Language using SMARTSign app, even +1'd Yahoo Mail app, very active on Play Store.

Adam Lasnik (Google)

Likes tinder and okcupid


Eric Schmidt ( ), Keving Rose ( ) and Marissa Mayer ( ) profiles are empty.

Possibly they are not sure what Google + publishes and what it doesn't either, so they have separate profile or not using Android at all, or maybe just not active.

The good thing is Google seems to be backing away from the original Google+ strategy. The report states that Google+ will no longer be considered a product that competes with Facebook and Twitter, and that Google's mission to force Google+ into every product will end. With this downgrade in importance comes a downgrade in resources. TechCrunch claims that 1000-1200 employees—many of which formed the core of Google+—will be moved to other divisions. Google Hangouts will supposedly be moved to Android, and the Google+ photos team is "likely" to follow. "Basically, talent will be shifting away from the Google+ kingdom and towards Android as a platform," the report said. The strange part is that both of these teams create cross-platform products. So if the report is true, there will be a group inside the Android team making iOS and Web apps, which doesn't seem like the best fit.