As the creator has done anything to really "help" setting this up, here is how I managed to get it working. Firstly download the zip file and put it into a folder. Next, open up game maker & import the example project/extension. Now don't run anything, just import all of the scripts etc from the extension into the new project. Find the object called "object0" and open it. Inside of the create event, there should be an execute code. Once this is located, open it and it should look something like this:

discord_init_dll() discord_init_app("your application id here") discord_update_presence("In game lobby","In a team (2 of 8)","","")

This is the info / data you need to change. Keep in mind this is just the example but its still a great place to tweak and learn. The first line to take note of is; discord_init_dll(). When trying to run discord rich presence through this library, make sure that this script is one of the first in your game to be run. I would recommend creating a blank room for the start of the game that contains this within its creation code. Next is the line; discord_init_app("your application id here"). The application ID can be obtained by heading over to this link: . Make sure to log in with your own discord & create a new application. Its very self explanatory but when you've done that, on the applications mainpage / dashboard there should be a section called "Client ID", paste the long string of numbers where it says application ID. so for example, for me & my application discord_init_app("your application id here") would become discord_init_app("527143465882533451"). Make sure to leave in the " " otherwise Game Maker WILL NOT be able to read/understand the input. Lastly on the setup side is; discord_update_presence("In game lobby","In a team (2 of 8)","",""). This is the script that changes what Discord's rich presence system displays. For example, the default text would appear like

[Profile Picture] In game lobby In a team (2 of 8)

Now to change this, its fairly simple. If I wanted it to say BigWhomas is playing Not Another Platformer v0.2.5 Currently Sat on The Menu, I would change this; discord_update_presence("In game lobby","In a team (2 of 8)","","") to look like this; discord_update_presence("Currently On The Menu","Version 0.2.5","napdiscordicon","napsmallicon"). Now where it says "napdiscordiconsmall" & "napdiscordicon" has been explained below by the creator. This basically tells discord which icon to use as the large on and which as the small one, so make sure when uploading the large and small icons to your application via the "art assets" tab to name them.

Lastly, make sure to set up a script or some way to tell discord to stop streaming rich presence when the game quits. For my game, I have a simple script set up like this:

discord_free_app(); discord_free_dll(); game_end();

this means that when I press quit in my menu, the discord app and .dll are both freed from the memory meaning I won't be stuck playing my game. I hope this has been useful to anyone who wants to use this version of discord rich [resence in game maker. If you need any help, feel free to hit me up on Discord, my name & tag is BigWhomas #3014. Also feel free to check out my game on gamejolt, NotAnotherPlatformer. Anyway hope this helps, peace.