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My name is François Huguet and I do like the easy-to-handle webpages.

You just clicked on a link which is supposed to be a fun, informal description of what I do.

Thanks for thinking I'm interesting enough to check up on. If you've come this far, I dare you to continue reading this page written in the first person.

When the time comes to navigate all day long on over-designed website, you should admit that you're actually reading black-and-white screen writings (some will call this frugal web). I'm sure you're impressed (did I tell you that this 3,76 Ko page intends to reduce its contribution to digital industry ecological footprint ? #LowTech #HighFutures)...

Look at you : you're smiling front of a naked website. You thought you needed media queries to be responsive, but no. Responsive means that it responds to whatever screensize it's viewed on. This site doesn't care if you're on an iMac or a Tamagotchi. This page is lightweight and loads fast, it fits on all your screens and looks the same in all your browsers.

Here's what you (probably) want to know about me :

You are under no obligation to say anything profound but please, take a moment to say hello just so that I'll know you were here :

That's all folks, thank you for your attention. Have a pleasant day (or evening if you read it before dinner, or a pleasant night if you read it overnight).


François Huguet.