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Don't Need Their WhatsApp, Dammit.

Have you tried removing a contact from WhatsApp? It's fairly simple, remove contact from your phone book but what if you want to keep the contact and don't want the person on WhatsApp, you can block them. And what if you don't want to block the person. Nope, that's impossible.

Let's consider some situations:

  1. I need my plumber's contact I don't need his WhatsApp. Blocking is not option because sometimes you need to IM your plumber but that's just one time.
  2. Same goes for maid, electrician, driver, etc,. I need their phone numbers but not their WhatsApp nor do they need mine.
  3. Sometimes you don't want everyone in your office to have your WhatsApp. Should I block them? No because they should be able to WhatsApp me in urgency.

But what's wrong with keeping each others WhatsApp in all these cases. Not much, until everything is. Anyone who is in my contact has my profile pic, my about and my last seen. Why people I barely trust should have my profile pic or any other information? You might say but why add people in your contacts if you don't trust them. That's true but not really an option in number of cases.

Then there are other features, if I haven't selected who my status should go to then it goes to everyone in my contacts. The online/offline status is even more notorious than other features. You can't hide online/offline status no matter what. If somebody has your number they know when you sleep and wake<sup>[0][1]</sup> and there are multitude of situations where that feature can be abuse. There have been instances when people from my office or other walks of life texted me as soon as I opened WhatsApp. Were they checking my status? Isn't that creepy?

There are other IM apps that resolve this but not everyone uses those apps. WhatsApp has become integral part of our lives. If anyone from WhatsApp is reading this please give us the control of our data and protect our privacy.