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Jeffrey A. Gomez

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Born in Manila and based in Oakland, Jeffrey is an artist inspired by international culture, visual information and abstract art. His subjects include maps, flags, signs, symbols, clockwork, money, &c.


B.A. Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, 2012


2018 "Art for Barbers" Rockridge Barber Shop, Oakland, CA
2017 "Art for Brewers" Ale Industries, Fruitvale, CA
2016 "Arts Alive Ingleside" Ocean Avenue public art installation, San Francisco, CA
2016 "Rite of Passage" at Ziya Multicultural Arts, San Francisco, CA
2015 "The ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar" at Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD
2015 "Untitled Event" at Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, CA
2014 "Mixed Media Mixer" at Firehouse Arts Collective, Berkeley, CA
2014 "The Long Shot" at Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA
2013 "Memories and Iterations" at Paintbox Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2012 "Small Paintings" at Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, CA


2018 "Studio Visit" Volume 41, Fitchburg, MA
2018 "American Artwork" Berkeley, CA
2017 "American Art Collector" Berkeley, CA
2015 "Studio Visit" Volume 32, Fitchburg, MA
2014 "Earth First!" Vol 34, No. 3, Lake Worth, FL
2013 "Come Find Out" Issue 4, Emeryville, CA
2010 "Santa Rita and the Bees" Issue 3, Berkeley, CA

Permanent works

2015 Veracruz, Santa Barbara, CA
2012 Kingman Hall, Berkeley, CA
2011 Casa Zimbabwe, Berkeley, CA

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#colorfield #neodada #hardedge #popart
#internationalism #nationalism 
#information #vexillology #semiotics 
#numismatics #cartography #dada
#utilitarianism #postmodernity 
#abstract #american #art 

connect: http://facebook.com/jeffreygomez.us
follow: http://instagram.com/jeffreygomez.us