Hey! The name's Jake. I'm doing commissions for Pro Plus and Pro Standard users only (these are the plans I have the most experience with).

PRICES One page carrds will be 3 dollars, two page carrds are 5 dollars, and beyond that each page is a dollar added. 50 cents are added if you want it to be optimized for mobile as well. I'm not optimizing Pro Standard Carrds for mobile, sorry.

INFO Any DNI found in my personal carrds don't apply to commissions. I never took my DNI too seriously anyways. If you're interested in buying a Carrd from me, you can DM me on Instagram, my @ is "carrduser", or you can email me. I respond fast (mostly). My email is jadeknight2008@gmail.com.

RULES I'm only doing commissions for Pro users since this is what I can do most efficiently. I can only keep the carrd on my account for around 3-5 days, so you have to accept the transfer quickly or it will be deleted. I accept payment best through Cashapp, but if that doesn't work for you, we can do Venmo or Paypal. Do NOT ask me to make an archive/myspace/himemiyatori Tori crd. It's not happening. You have to pay me before I transfer the carrd. Rereading all of this, I may be coming off as unfriendly, but I promise you I'm a fun guy!

My portfolio is linked here.