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Claudio Alessi

Musician and programmer.

[Image: Here I am]

NOTE: this page is not be updated, now I have a website.


I play the piano for myself and I write the code for the others. Sometimes I write code for myself or I play the piano for the others. I like to discover. This drove me to experiment with many kinds of music, different programming methods and in general led me to find my own (sometimes weird) ways of doing things.


Sadly I must say that at the moment most of the code I wrote is closed source, that's how the company I work for decided. Though I publish my open source projects where from time to time I'll push some changes. I like to say that my coding style is heavly influenced by the suckless community which in some way I belong to. Feel free to contribute.

That's all I feel to share right now, in future I may decide to put here some video/audio of me playing the piano.


Feel free to write me on smoppy AT gmail DOT com or follow me on github.