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Clearnet Chans

"I don't get the ordering."

"Why isn't 4chan on the list?"

Chan Status Date
Julay Online October 3
Endchan Online August 29
Smugli Online August 26
vch Online August 26
neinchan Online August 28
8chan Offline August 26
lainchan Online August 26
arisuchan Online September 21
Wizchan Online August 26
freech Online August 26
Spacechan Online August 26
tohno Online August 26
uboachan Online August 26
NNTPchan 1 Few Nodes Up August 26
420chan Online August 26
22chan Online August 26
2chan Moonrunes August 26
55chan Brazilian August 26

Darkweb Chans


"Why don't you have pedochan?"

Chan Status Date
Julay Online October 3
Endchan Online August 28
8chan Offline August 26
Banana chan Online August 26
Ni chan Online August 26
Muunto chan Polar Bears August 26
NNTPchan No Onion Nodes Up August 26


"Isn't this botnet?"

Chan Status Date
08chan Online August 26
0chan Online August 26
0chan Porn Online August 26
Oniichan Online August 26


"Someone send me a link."


Chan Time of Death
Libreland August, 2019
16chan August, 2016
Wizardchan 2015
7chan ?

Chan News

October 3

Julay is back up. It apparently was a technical fault with how they managed memory on the server.

October 3

It appears that Julay has gone down. No news as to whether this is temporary or what is going on.

September 21st

Julay has created an Onion service link. Many of the 8chan boards have been migrating to there.

September 5th

The Congressional hearing for 8chan was held and was completely behind closed doors. Nobody knows what happened. Jim Watkins is completely cooperating with the Feds.

August 31st

CP spam has brought Libreland down.

August 29th

Endchan's maintenance is over. Both the main board and Onion directories work again and are online.

August 28th

After 8chan's demise, refugees have been scattered to various boards. /v/ seems to have moved to vch, /pol/ to neinchan, and lots of other boards to julay. Other boards like /yuri/, /a/, /vg/, /monster/, /wooo/, /fanfic/, and /tg/ have relocated to .

Also, Endchan is still under maintenance.

August 26th

Inaugural post. 8chan will face Congressional hearings on September 5th.