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lizard's heat rock

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Hi I'm lizard! I'm a wannabe game dev, vtuber, and overall entertainer. I'm pansexual (kinda ace?) and transgender.

I like lizards, rpgs, mmos, mechs, vhs, anime, manga, Nijisanji, romance, handhelds, retro games, emulation, sonic, ghosts/cryptids, gba, punk, indie web, and vr.

This website does have images.. but you don't need to enable them. So enable them if you wish! I did compress them before posting so it shouldn't be too bad to load!

I made this website because I wanted something that anyone anywhere can see and visit. I know that I have major social media platform accounts, but I still absolutely believe in living outside of those. The "indie web" if you will. Fuck NFTs and web 3.0.

Some of my favorite creators/artists/musicians: hazel, thorhighheels, billiam, vinny, jerma, brutalmoose, vyletpony, northernlion, elira pendora, nexpo, izzzyzzz.

Some of my favorite resources / applications: tools list, bitsy,, tools



04-23-2022 - Birth!
This is my first and kind of test little blog post here. I hope you enjoy this I don't know what I'm doing here but I kind of like it????? It was a nice day though.. did my homework and cleaned up around the house. Just been watching Hazel and contemplating life. You know the usual for dumb lizards. I also worked more on my bigger bitsy project. It's really start to actually turn into something? Possibly?

Have a picture from a few days ago of guppy. [Image: guppyhaunted]