You have written an English visual novel, interactive fiction, or storygame of any sort, and you would like to have it translated into French? I can do it for free if it's a short, non-commercial game that I really like. Just email me, and I will decide if I am willing to translate your game after completing it.

If it's a commercial game, email me an offer.

Alternatively, I can proofread your work, both in English and in French.

My Works

So far, I have translated White Worm, a visual novel by fullmontis.

The French translation has been integrated into the official release. I invite you to check it out, it's free!


Email: antperson at mail dot com

Scuttlebutt: antperson@79RBg7gz9XB6fWp7vLXceAu+QmqEwuRbjHJat2zi4iQ=