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Ansel Neunzert's FAQ

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Part I: Who are you?

Q: How do you say your name? A: Here's an .

Q: What are they/them pronouns? A: I wrote a little guide ; check it out.

Q: Should I call you Ansel, Dr. Neunzert, or something else? A: Please call me Ansel! Yes, you too, students. If you want to be formal, I also answer to Dr. Neunzert.

Part II: Where are you?

Q: Where's your office? A: When I'm on campus, I work in UW1 391 (during academic year) or DH 252 (during summer 2022).

Q: What's your zoom link? A: Here's the link to my . I use this for classes, office hours, and meetings unless otherwise specified.

Q: Where and when are your office hours / free times to meet? A: I post my regular availability on my . Click through to schedule an appointment during any available time! You can choose short or long appointments. [Temporarily closed for summer 2022, please email instead]

Research students & colleagues are also free to use that page; it's not limited to students currently in my courses.

Q: What's the best way to contact you? A: If you're a student, try Canvas first. Canvas messages are less likely to get lost in the flood of emails I receive. After that, try (a) email ( or (b) making an online appointment using .

For colleagues, note that my email redirects to, so either address is fine.

Q: How do I request a rec letter from you? A: Please fill out with the details of your request!

Part III: What do you do?

Q: What is your research about? I'm a member of the and the . I'm mainly interested in gravitational waves that come from spinning neutron stars, and in tracking down and eliminating detector noise. Did you know that is located in eastern Washington? If you'd like to learn more, I gave a on gravitational waves in fall 2018.

If you'd like more technical information, here are some good places to start: for background, and this for detailed reference. You can find my full .