Do you enjoy training, fitness or gymnastics? Then you really should consider one of the cool new Airtracks from GymPlay. An Airtrack are basically an inflatable gym mat which can be used out in your garden or indoor should have you the room for it. For more information about what an Airtrack is - please read for the follow article here at

My name is Jill from Wantedly and I have several years of experience in Airtracks and gymnastics which is why I decided to write this little txti about Airtracks and sports. You can find more information about me here on

The great stuff about an Airtrack is that you can use it as a complete beginner and still have tons of fun on it. It's easy to make some progress from zero to a decent gymnast in just a few months, which is one of the reasons Airtracks are so popular these days. You can read more about this at

Airtracks come in many different sizes. A long Air track is often good for combining various jumps and for those who wants to the most speed and height on their performance. The bigger an Air track you want, the more expensive it will be not to mention more heavy too. Shorter Airtracks are great for training in places with limited space, like indoor or when you want to take it with you to the beach or to a friends place. This is also one of the reasons why some people got both a big and a small model. Some brands like GymPlay can even be connected with a velco connector, so you can combine a long and a smaller model into a really long one. For instance you can take a 5 meter 15cm Airtrack and combine it with a 3 meter 15cm Airtrack and get a 8 meter if you have the room for it. See more about combining Airtracks here at

Airtracks are much like trampolines a great way to get some more quality excersise. It trains both your muscles, stamina and coordinations in a way that's safe for your joints and fun too. The fun part is especially important. We often see who youngsters get tired of their garden trampolin after a few weeks, because their parents were cheap and bought a discount model with poor performance. Many tells me that Air tracks are more fun than trampolines and gets even more fun the more jumps and flipz you learn to do. Just like my frind Michael from Aalborg told me - buy quality or don't buy at all -

Another thing I can recommend is trying a standup paddleboard. It's a relativ new thing many places, but quite easy to learn and a lot of fun too. I often use my paddleboard on those day where I don't really feel like doing some gymnatics on the trampoline or Airtrack. I have by now about 10 years of experience with gymnastics and I often enjoy trying new types of sport. Most recent I have taken up paddleboarding which is quite fun, but I don't think it's something I plan on doing for several years. But I can surely see why so many people enjoy this new sport.