Are Airtracks really that good for sports and fitness training? If you ask me the answer is a big yes. Gymnastics for younger people are some of the best training they can get. Not only does it strengthen the body it also builds up stamina and strengthen muscle coordination and balance. So unless you train several hours a day this is a great way to keep your body in shape and stay healthy. But for many the best part about using Airtracks are that they are super fun to use. Doing gymnastics on a standard gym mat is pretty fun, but imagine if your gym mat gave you a 20% boost or more? Now it would suddenly be much easier to do all the difficult jumps and flips, not to mention give you the chance to do jumps you wouldn't normally be able to do. Now this is really fun. Checkout my Airtrack training video here at -

But are all Airtracks equally fun to use? That's a big NO. Many of the cheaper models have a poor performance or breaks pretty easily, so they arn't quite as fun to use. Also a big Air track are often much more fun to use than a small one. Remember the bigger the Airtrack is, the more jumps you can do before running out of Airtrack. The size also effects how much jumping power you get from the gym mat. You can learn more about how the size effects jumping here at -

But let me let you in on a little tip. As you know a longer Airtrack is often more fun to use. But it's also expensive, heavy and requires a lot of space. Some Airtrack brands - like GymPlay let you combine 2 or more Airtracks into on, but using a Velcro connector. This way you can take a 3 meter model and a 4 meter and combine them into a 7 meter one you can use out door or places with a lot of room. I can have a 4 meter in my backyard but not a 7 meter. However I got a place 100 meter from where I live where there are plenty of room for a 7 meter. So most of the time I use my 4 meter in my garden. My 3 meter indoor when the weather is bad, and other times I take both of them with me to the big lawn 100 meter way and set them up a 7 meter track. I must admit using the 7 meter version is way more fun than using the 4 meter one. Sometimes I even take it with me to the beach, this is something I can really recommend trying. Checkout my setup here at

I also do a lot of other types of sport here in Aalborg. When not doing sport I work with webdesign and online marketing at a local marketing company here at

On the privat leve I live with my husband and 2 dogs. No kids yet, so plenty of time to do sports like gymnastics and fitness in my spare time. I also try to find the time to visit my friends and family sometimes, but with way to many hobbies and a job it can be a bit hard to find the time for it. There are so many other cool sports like trampoline jumping, paddleboarding and mountainbike I would love to try, but I just don't have the time for it without giving up some of the other stuff I do, and that is something I don't want to. That was all I had to share with you guys today on my little txti. Hope it gave you a little more information about Airtracks and why it's one of my faovrite training tools.