▶ STORY OF MY LIFE. My name is miracle afegbua, am from afegbua royal family in edo state. Its all started in 2010, when i began to sick by reason of the admission i lost in the university of benin, benin city. Its was like i had no future again if i don't gain that admission into that school to study medicine. I was so passionate about becoming a medical doctor. i was heart broken, depress and so disappointed. During that period i was getting this messages from varoius ministers that God what to use me, its was like what nonsense is that ? if my admission fail to work and my arbition is at stake here, which way will God what to use me, except by giving me the admission back. In other to avoid much depression i enter into music and started visiting studios with singers to watch them as they sing and then i began to sing with them and released a hit single call "my own is my own" this song was so sweet and i love it so much because its gave me hope that one day, My own will fall to me and i don't need to worry much about it. Thats was 2010/2011. When my mom saw that am like falling artist, to mom at the begining they normally look at upcoming as vain people without doing anything, to cut me off she has to raise money for me to continue my school to rewrite another exam this time, i shall pursue even if its poly and study something that will be easier for me to gain admission and not big men children course, since my dad vow that he will not spend one naira for my school again for failling to gain that admission in uniben, because since i was young i had never repent any level in class on day, Its was a shock to everyone to hear am not admitted. To Cut the whole story short, since this time i had to pursue poly, one of my cousin brother in zaria assist me to gain admision into their school. Nuhu bamili polytechnic ,zaria. I was there until getting to a time of exam, i was throw out of the exam hall that my admision process was fake that the school authority is never aware of this: i discover my cousin brother have decieve me again like the my brother who was chairman of our local government gave me much assurance concerning uniben did to me before. Now at this time, My dad has warn me for the last time to be careful in going about this admission stuff, and gave me his blessings, how can i explain this now, i don't even know where to find him anymore . I said to myself i wont go home like this home because i cant stand any more talk again. i take my journey to lagos and better follow music since i explain this to my friends and they encourage me to better join them, i join them and we work so hard in this just to get the attention of any record label in lagos to sign any of us, eventually i was signed by a record label from south africa in lagos. And they told us that next week ww shall meet with the manager to have an hard shake with him. After that they will buy us a house in lekki and a car and we go for shopping and start dressing like real artist do, this the company will take care of it, then later we will design the deal proper, W agree.. Suddenly i hear the voice of God, telling me.. If you join this company the world might hear you but u will die like dagrin. I was shock and i ask back why? and the voice said, what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and loose his soul?? i was so weak, these whole time we are in studio preparing a hit song to blow lagos am no longer my self, i had to quit, everyone said, you are a fool seeing a great opportunity people are looking for, you quit, and i said.. Yes i quit. And they sign me out.. I was like madness to myself ..But the voice is still moving with me, ready to answer any question, i ask what do you want from me? he answer i what to use you for my glory, and i ask who are you? i hear i am the God of all flesh, is there anything to hard for me to do?? i said maybe until i test you and see what you can do. And the voice said test me.. And i said make this paper in my hand to become money then i will know you are a mighty God. And the voice said, its will become money as much as i what, if only i can seek in first the kingdom of God and his righteousness ... And and ask i can i seek first the kingdom of God??? and he said... Obey my voice and follow my instructions, and i said, what are your instructions and he said, john 17:3... What john 17:3? i didn't hear the voice again, john17:3 refuse to go out of my memory, so i have to type it on google to search...And i discover it a word from the bible, i take the new testament they share to us then at primary school to check for it, almost about 1hour i was still searching for john 17:3 until finally its says..."AND THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL THAT THEY MIGHT KNOWN THE ONLY TRUE GOD AND JESUS WHOM HE HAD SENT" wow i was so sweet... Then i continue reading that book until i was in the same spot reading not knowing i had be there for 3days without food. If the word of God is not sweet to you, its cannot affect you... Ezekiel said, the roll (book) which is the word of God was sweet in his mouth like honey and these were words for he to deliver. Ezekiel 3 even John saw something like that, i also saw the same....And even till today.... God still speak to me, as before i was born again, and i now use it..To prophecy to people concerning his will for them and men calling me prophet, i don't see myself as prophet but evangelist, who must surely win the souls of the world back to God if Jesus tarries..